Discover the difference between mobile-first web design and desktop-first design and determine which approach is better for you and your business!

So, you’ve decided to hire a web designer and start developing your business website. Good for you. But before talking to your web designer and explain your ideas and concept, you need to establish which approach is better for you – mobile first web design or desktop-first design.

Through the years, the websites were specially designed for people’s desktop computers. But, not so recently, new devices were invented. Today you can access the internet and browse through the websites by using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. The funny thing is that a lot of people began using them, especially the mobile devices as they are most convenient and simple to use.

In response to this trend, many websites took their desktop version and shrank it in order to fit the mobile screens. The problem with this is that it was extremely challenging to view the desktop websites on such small screens. This was not the only problem. The codes used for the desktop websites did not work on the little mobile screens. This is the point where a lot of smart web owners and businesses start making mobile sites.

As more and more people start visiting and using the mobile sites, many web designers though that some design elements and features worked much better on the mobile websites than on the desktop websites. This caused mobile websites to look and behave differently and shortly became as mobile optimized websites. Many businesses noticed that they needed a mobile website. The mobile sites were simplified and much more convenient to use.

Soon, the mobile user experience was just as essential as the desktop user experience. The mobile websites could be as informative and functional as the desktop sites. The web designers started recommending that it is better to design the mobile version of your site first and then develop the desktop version.

Even though the mobile-first design is a great idea, it is not the best solution for some businesses. In some cases, the mobile-first approach makes the most sense and in some cases – the desktop first.

So, in order to decide what is better for your business, you need to consider the user experience. You need to provide the best user experience in order to meet the needs of your target market. If most of your traffic comes from desktop – creating a desktop version first is better for you, but if your traffic comes from mobile – mobile-first is definitely the smarter choice.